Tuesday, November 10, 2009


W-W-W-Woooowzas! Has it really been almost 3 months since my last post!
I can't believe it, i guess moving house has kept me busier than i realised...anyways, couple of games just got released on Friday that I worked on earlier in the year, so a good excuse for an easy post - this stuff is from Family Game Night 2, just released for the Wii, and there's a tiny bit of stuff from a brief stint i did on the DS version of FGN. All great fun to work on with a very cool bunch of folks.

Astrofunk 2 is getting there, it's feeling more and more like an actual comic that i can read from start to finish...kind of, so hopefully it'll be finished soon. I'm kinda holding off posting anymore titbits to save it for the final article, but might just throw some lineart up here in the short term. Otherwise another 3 months will pass with no posts!!

Cheers for stopping by!


rats78 said...

very nice Mr Burt. Those environments all 2D? pretty colours

Vencys_lao said...

Hi buddy!!


This job so cool, man! What you do in EA? just drawn?

We are on the cruise! \o/

Ross Burt said...

Cheers! ...With some of those environments i do build a very basic version of some aspects, like very blocky tokyo buildings, but other sections are completely painted, so it's a bit of a mix really.

Ken said...

Hey dude, loving the enviros, esp that pirate/island themed one - I love pirates! Good job on the comic, and roll on 3 months!