Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funking it up....

Quick teaser poster i had fun doing for Astrofunk part 2. And giving myself this deadline may actually mean i finish it! fingers crossed :)


Vencys_lao said...


AMAZING man!! It's your face!
The position, the color, the objects's distribuition are so Cool!!

I'm doing a schetches of Pin-up to send to you, okay?

See ya! \o

rats78 said...

nice one mate. Great pose...not too sure whats goin on with the arm holding the price gun tho. I'd maybe have another look at that.

Can i have a shot at doing a pin-up too?!?!

Ross Burt said...

cheers, the back arm is pretty stylized, and i suppose almost two dimensional in the way i've creased it up crazy style, just wanted to go a little weird. Think it works but as u say is close to looking broken :)

And as for pin-up - get bent.

I joke, i asked yourself and Alan in Edinburgh remembers? would be awesome if u could also do one for issue 2, cheers

Ken said...

yo dude, cheers for dropping by!

Part two?? Awesome, its lookin good already, hope u get it done for deadline :D

Oh and cheers for the mail!