Thursday, July 16, 2009


Potter!! The movie is finally out, which means our Harry Potter video game is also released. I was lucky enough to work with the guys early last year storyboarding the cutscenes for the game, which was fantastic fun for a potter geek like myself, sitting drawing Dumbledore, Snape and the rest was great fun, and getting a peek at the new characters like Jim Broadbents Slughorn was amazing. So here's some of the boards I worked on, covering the very first opening cut scene of the game, a moment between Ginny and Harry in the room of requirement, and one of Slughorns memories. Hope u enjoy checking them out, might drop a few more Potter bits n pieces off in the next few weeks.


Vencys_lao said...

Hey mann!!

It's so cool \o/
Great story-board!!

When I grow up I want to be equal you! XD hahaha

See ya buddy!

rats78 said...

yo, very nice work.

but i don't get why you had to storyboard stuff for the game when these sequences were already worked out for the movie. Do EA just provide you with parts of the script and you have to guess how these scenes might look in the film?

Ross Burt said...

Remember we start making all this stuff pretty early on, so the film had probably not been shooting very long , and certainly wouldn't have shot all of the scenes that i had to draw. Yes we had the script, and also reference photos, but although it is the game of the movie that doesn't mean we just want to replicate what they are going to do. Otherwise you might aswell just put movie footage in between the gameplay. So we aren't trying to guess what they are going to do, just trying to come up with visually interesting shots that told the story clearly.