Saturday, January 24, 2009

And here....we........go !

HOWDYHOWDYHOWDY! It's been a long night, and my whiskey glass is getting empty, but finally I have it - the first 2 totally finished pages of ASTROFUNK 2!! It feels great to be back in the world of astrofunk drawing these characters again...I've got alot of issue 2 drawn out and ready to colour, so it's a definite release for later this year, as for exactly when, stay tuned..... These 2 pages are 8 and 9, so not the beginning of the issue, but a good place to give u a preview without reavealing too many of my secrets :) Gotta say a big thanks to everyone who has been asking about the second issue, always fantastic to hear from someone who enjoyed the first one, really gets me even more excited to be working on this I hope u all enjoy these pages, be sure to let me know what u think! Up next is some Captain Fuzzball, I'm working in a slightly diferent format for him at the moment, with quick little one scene gags, the first of which will be up next week....this is a format I've always enjoyed when done by the masterful Bill Watterson in Calvin & Hobbes, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Hopefully it means you get more captain fuzzball up here on the blog regularly, albeit in smaller doses....but don't worry , I have 2 or 3 larger adventures in the works for him, including of course the back up strip in AF2. Anyways, I think I should finally call it a night and allow myself to sleep......hope u enjoy these pages, thanks again for support and be sure to say Hi....Goodnight~!


Jarrett said...

Maybe I should pitch it! lol. Love your work!

Andrew said...

more funk can only be a good thing. Can't wait!

Vencys_lao said...

Uhuuull \o!!

Astrofunk returns!!! Its AMAZINNNG BUDDY! That's great! hahahahah

I'm happy to know that our requests encouraged you to produce again!

You has, a great, a original and a "fuck-nice stile" history in your hands!!

The Johnson's Brotha™ is half stopped, but i dont forgot it's.
I'll return with JB™!!


C.B. Canga said...

that's great. cool style

solarFlash said...


Bring on the funk.

Can't wait on the rest Burt, get to it!

Alan Nolan said...

looking good, get some roughs up there too, always like to see them.

I am drawing again btw- you don't have to worry :)It might be a while before there's any comic art on the blog though, I'm enjoying life drawing and I'll be concentrating on that for a while. I'm just taking my time to get it back from the shambles it had developed into!

This is great though dude, glad to see you've stuck at it.

Ross Burt said...

cheers guys, and good to hear your back to it Captain Nolan...eagerly anticipating your next post!
as for roughs - the roughs for the first of these 2 finished pages are already on my blog further down the page, but I'm gonna stick some more rough stuff on for pages 9, 10 and maybe some others next week. Nothing better than sitting drawing new pages at the light box with my headphones on bobbing away in my seat :)