Friday, April 18, 2008


GOOD TIMES AHOY!! Astrofunk is here at last, and it feels awesome :) Got 500 copies sent my way at the beginning of the week, so now it's SELL SELL SELL! I'll be updating the official astrofunk website over the next week, and that will have full details of how to order a copy online, but it's already onsale in Guildford Comic and Games, amazing to see it on a comic shelf sitting next to Ultimates, Iron Man and Wizard. Plus I'll be putting it out in a couple of London stores over the weekend, so will get more news on that next week. But if you're desperate for a copy then drop me a line, otherwise details in afew days. And if u have a copy, then post up some feedback, let me know what u loved and what u hated, only gonna make no.2 even better. Cheers to everyone who helped make this possible, wouldn't have made it without all the support and encouragement everyone's given me through the whole process. Well worth it. Man i am excited :)


Anonymous said...

The cover looks great on the shelf, it stands out so well!! How exciting!

Ross Dearsley said...

Yeah, it really does stand out - looks fantastic, congrats!

Get the special quick-dry signing pens ready ;¬)

5:09 AM

Andrew said...

Well done big guy. You should be very proud.

Stands out like a Wookie at a Doozer party :)

Good times Ahoy!!!