Monday, June 07, 2010

Sketching Sketch Cards....


Recently I got lucky enough to be invited to work on some original Sketch Cards for the 'Pulp Girls' line over at SuperRealGraphics. Basically a 'sketch card' is an original piece of artwork that if you're really lucky, like the luckiest guy ever, having a lucky day, drinking luck potion in the land of luck - then u might get one of these badboys :) - So it's another challenge for me in that there's no Edit-Undo or Photoshop to clean up mistakes - much like last weekend at the convention, it pushes u back to basics, and is great fun at polishing your colouring in skills :) As you can see, my desk was covered in Markers, FineLiners, Posca Paint pens, anything i could find....I had spent a good few hours just roughing out poses and ideas, and I was a lot more careful and patient than when working on a piece which i am gonna take to into photoshop, but really enjoyed drawing all 12 cards - can't reveal any of them yet, but they're coming out in July , so I'll get them on the blog soon-ish. Anyways, I always like seeing pics of where artists work, so thought I'd stick some photos of my mess up here!

Check out Pulp Girls here -

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Vencys_lao said...

hi buddy!

Dude! Very nice to meet the little corner of creation of the illustration's Masters! \o/

And your post made me laught! Great land of luck, Lucky man!