Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bafta Young Game Designers

Howdy again. Thought it was about time I put a new post up here, and although I don't have any new artwork yet, this recent video gives me a reason to at least post something, rather than just sit here and listen to the Inception soundtrack again ( great movie, great score ).

So a month or two ago I was asked by ea to record a video for the Bafta Young Game Designers awards. They run a competition to get kids involved with making video games, and were crazy enough to ask me about my day to day job as a concept artist. So if the thought of me rambling on about this interests you then check out the link below. Or maybe you just want a look at my messy desk and robot sketches :)

Bafta Young Game Designers

Anyways, was nerve racking but good fun, although I do put on my best teacher voice. You'll never hear me speak that clearly in real life ! Back soon with some actual artwork....once i get this Spare Parts game finished that is!



Vencys_lao said...

Hey big brotha!! This so AWESOMEEE!!!!!

Great video and interview!! \o - This is Ross!

Congrats man...

PS. I could not download the video!
I put the link video on twitter @vencyslao \o

rats78 said...

How did i miss this. Nice one dude. You're famous!