Thursday, June 16, 2011

In space.... one can hear me draw!

Maaaan, drawing Xenomorphs is fun. A friend said to me the other day that ALIEN is his second favourite movie, and he's Bang on, it is amazing, and my favourite of all the xenomorph movies. So when I was asked to draw this for a friend I defnitely researched more of the classic Ridley Alien, and the background was inspired by the Nostromo, particualrly the mother room with it's orange dotted lights everywhere.
I used to draw these things all the time as a teenager, the Dark Horse comics ( or the titan uk equivalent ) were awesome, and I couldn't get enough. Particularly loved 'Labyrinth' with beaufiful art by Killian Plunkett, no on Clone Wars. So it was surprisingly enjoyable to come back to drawing one of these again properly after all those years. Cheers to Josh for getting me into it! Got some more Spare Parts stuff coming very soon, plus other bits n bobs!

Oh - thought I'd include the original drawing also - you can't beat pencil n paper!!

This is RAB...signing off :)


Alan Nolan said...

This is very cool. Memories of getting the larger format Dark Horse Aliens comics every month when I was a teenager. So good.

Ross Burt said...

yeah that comic was great, a little aliens, a little predator...and dash of alien vs predator! fantastic!

Matteo said...

Such a bossy take, dude.