Friday, January 20, 2012

In a half shell, they're the heroes 4
In this day and age who could ask for more
The crime wave is high, with muggings mysterious
All police and detectives are serious....

and I'm not even googling the song words.  Yup, I can remember almost all the lines to Turtle Power.  And a lot of the lines to other cheese tastic tracks on the movie album '9.95 by Spunkadelic' anyone?  

Turtles was bloomin' awesome, constantly introducing u to crazy new characters, wierd mutants and fantastic action figures.  It also introduced me to american comics, so I've got a lot to thank the turtles for.  I managed to find the new IDW comic books in scotland over christmas, and so these doodles were what i got up to inbetween festive actives and catchin up with buddies.  Finally got them scanned in, and thought I'd throw a dash of colour, specifically on Slash - he was one of my favourite characters, basically a bad ninja turtle.  They kinda did a screwed up version of him in the second movie, but the action figure ROCKED!

anyways, back with more batman ( yes more ) in a day or so...just the doodles mind, this bat-pin up is takin ages~!

have a good one!


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