Monday, July 16, 2012

Felt Tips!

 Went into town at the weekend and picked up a few bits of
stationary which is always mega exciting - new sketchpad, a few felt tip
pens, pencils n stuff - so I've been doing some traditional computer free sketching this weekend, results so far u can see here.  Not sure who's next on the list - maybe Andrew Garfield, I need to catch Spiderman this week, would be cool to draw him and Emma Stone.  Although I have tickets for The Prestige tomorrow night for BFI london's Nolan season, so might just draw Bowies crazy magician dude instead!  And yeah that's meant to be Batgirl...I know she's probably a read head right now but....well, i think she was blonde at some point.

although that is definitely NOT based on Alicia silverstone :)


Iain said...

Magician dude? MAGICIAN DUDE!?

Man, kids today. He was playing Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds of his time.

I4Got said...

hum nice draws if you need some inspiration check out my blog hehe

Anonymous said...

Nice drawings!

Okobe said...

Nice work!