Friday, August 29, 2008

Sketch Clubtastic - Biker

Howdy folks! the sketch club word of the week was 'Biker', so here's my effort. I sorta knew right away i wanted to draw a fat guy, and the cute tattoos kinda came from just wanting to get some more contrast in the idea and image, something a little more unusual. Then i gave him the chopper coz well...choppers rock, my dad has one back home and i take it out for a spin whenever i'm back there, it's awesome. Anyways, pretty pleased with how this guy turned out, I'll get the preliminary sketches and linework up tomorrow after i get some stuff scanned. Big thanks to the sketch club boys for all the feedback, check out their links on the right for their quality artwork.


Ken said...

good job man! Love the colours... is it digitally painted?

R A B said...

thanks buddy, yup digital painting after a good old pencil line drawing.

monkf15h said...

Cowboy was yours. This guy could be anyones!! Where's your line style gone? I can't see it in this one. Sorry to be harsh bud I like your dramatic silhouette work a whole lot more. ('s just my opinion)

Vencys_lao said...

Hey Buddy!!!

You are each day more monster! hahahaha!
job amazing!! \o

The character is very charismatic ... Super ten!

I love your job!

Vencys_lao said...

Ah! Hey!!

And has more than AstroFunk? I miss it, Buddy!! :D

See ya!