Thursday, October 16, 2008


couple of quick little paint jobs....didn't have much time on either of these, but wanted to get some painting done, so sat down with a glass of whiskey and the wacom pad. good times :) gonna try to get into something bit more meaty in the next few days, but was good fun just stayin loose and crazy with these 2, basically starting with silhouettes and working into those. Hoping to get an enviroment piece up next, probably involving some more hot monster action :) see ya then!


libra bear said...

Lovin the Quick style. I really like you last life drawing session. especially the really foreshortened one. Has a real clasical,renaissance feel to it. Thanx for sharing and thanx for the visit. Take care bro.

Timmy H said...

These are great! I really like them, especially the dude with green hair.