Monday, November 24, 2008


Been a while, but thought I'd drop in some work I did recently for an SF4 competition....don't imagine this entry will get anywhere, as there are some fantastic pieces I'm up against, but it was great fun getting down to drawing the street fighter cast, and knowing it was for the comp really pushed me to put the extra time in, so I'm pretty pleased with the end result.
I wanted my image to immediately say 'SF4' as a pose to 'that could be any street fighter game', which is why i focussed on Seth, the new Boss in the latest game. It's interesting looking back at my early work on this, and realising how weak some of it was, I really enjoy seeing the progression....infact I want to add a quick video to this post of the progression of the final piece, coz that alone went through a number of changes. In the end I settled on the hexagons inspired by Seths background stage floor design, and used them as an easy way to show every fighter. So there all in there I think! If i have missed one, don't tell me ;)

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