Sunday, February 21, 2010


'I had it Marcus...I had it in my hand.... '
And it's in my hands at last! Astrofunk 2 has landed, and it's great to finally be able to read through it as comics were meant to be seen, in your hands, under your nose, IN YOUR FACE! :) I'm currently updating the astrofunk website, but if you're desperate for a copy then you can drop me an email and order by paypal.....

And if you missed out on issue 1, you can get a tastey combo of both issues for just £5.00! Bargain :)

Buy Astrofunk

Anyways, if you pick up a copy then be sure to drop by and lemme know whatchya thought of might inspire issue 3!

will be on sale at D-CON in a couple of weeks time, hopefully along with a new exclusive D-con styled astrofunk poster which I'm working on at the moment, preview coming soon..... Good times ahoy! see ya soon!


Vencys_lao said...


i can's spot say it: ASTROFUNK AT LAST!!!

It's awesome man...
This is it! \o

Lets there to issue 3 XD

beardyboyd said...

nice one Ross! cant wait to read part 2, its gona rock!. I'll see you up at D -Con in a few weeks, i'll wait with anticipation to get my hands on it.