Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I was lucky enough to get out to a Dr.Sketchy night on Sunday, where upon I sat in the pub, pint in one hand, sketchpad in the other, and tried to draw whilst admiring the beautiful models in burlesque.
Which was nice.

Poses sranged from 1 and 2 mins, to 10 mins max, or there might have been one 15.
Anyways, had a great time, really good night, would recommend it, and will probably try and catch them in London in the near future. Oh - the volcanoes, voting cards and....platipus - they were crazy challenges set by the host. There weren't actually any Platupi in lingerie at the event. Platupi? Platupusses? Platu-pie? mmmm :)


doktored said...

these are ace I should really get my hide along

Anonymous said...

REALLY nice stuff! well done

Celine Chaplin said...

Amazing pics!

Vencys_lao said...


Great sketchs, Buddy!
The blog (The blog's name I dare not pronounce!hahah) is each day so Awesome!

Ariba muchacho! Oo

Ken said...

nice! Verrrrryyyy nice!

Unknown said...

Lovely lines, here... And I also feel the colours so much, man. ^_-

buy rift account said...

Cool! what an awesome sketches. .=)