Tuesday, April 06, 2010



Been trying to draw alot more recently , so this guy is basically just one of many sketches i've been working through to the colour stage, with about 2 to 3 more in photoshop at some stage or another. I was starting to work towards drawing a Tokyo gang, but this guy is more just your average street punter. Hopefully I'll get on to the actual gang soon, but up next under this theme is probably the detective chasing them. Anyways, this guy was fun, played around with the opacity of the pencil layer alot, and ended up barely using it, which was a nice change.

In other news - The Uncanny Sketchmen have returned!
We finally got our butts in gear and started setting drawing challenges again, so you can check out the results so far at the link below.....I'm planning on taking my creature design through the colour process for this blog. Hopefully we can keep up a good momentum on sketchmen and post 3 or 4 new things a month!


Stay frosty!

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rats78 said...

loving this mate. nice lines and colour work. very cheeks in a way, but that's no bad thing.

can't wait to see more of the gang