Monday, August 23, 2010


howdy yeah, still no new artwork. man i suck.


couple of cool things....first up, I'm currently right now at this very moment of the space time ....drawing some new sketch cards, similar to the pulp girl cards i was doing a few months ago. The best thing about these cards? well, there's 2 best things...

1 - you can buy them and the money goes to Charity

2 - because it's for Charity I can draw what i want. so they are STAR WARS sketch cards!

So i am trying to finish them off right now and all going well they should be on ebay this weekend in charity auctions. I'll keep the blog posted with any links...

and speaking of Ebay....

I was just browsing the intergalacticworldwideweb and happened across some Pulp girl cards on the auction site we all know too well.....there's about 137 Pulp Girl cards up there, but if for some reason you wanna avoid the others and buy one of mine, then there are a couple of sellers with my cards for are the links!

Stitches Sketch Card

Dust Bunny Sketch Card

Honey Brown Sketch Card

So I'll be back soon with day...when I ain't burning thru paper at EA...some actual NEW drawings.


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