Thursday, August 26, 2010

Return of the Sketch Cards

Back again with some pics of the sketch cards I've been doing this week...

These cards are for 5finity, and will be on sale this weekend on ebay ( links coming soon), with all proceeds going to charity March of Dimes, dedicated to baby health - click on the link for more info

Anyways, I was just gonna draw Star Wars, but the temptation to draw Voldemort was too much, and I didn't want him to be all alone, so Harry got thrown in there too. I'm pretty excited about Deathly Hallows, so it was a good excuse to watch the trailer again. ...and again :)

The Jedi scene was a lot of fun, and includes some of my favourite characters - I always loved Jabbas Palace, as a kid it was this amazing place filled with fantastic characters and creatures, just awesome. This is 3 cards that join together, so if someone wants the set they gotta cough up the moolah!

So this was a lot of fun, hopefully someone picks them up and helps out a good cause whilst getting some original art in the process. Or check out other cool sketch card art at 5finity

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Ken said...

Hey dude, I really like these! :D