Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yo! soooo....yup, I know I posted the original version of this poster a good few months ago...but I glanced at it the other night, and it bothered me. I think I rushed it to meet the anniversary deadline, and my original teaser image of Gum skating away from us was stronger than my final pinup of the gang, so I thought I could definitely make a good stab at fixing it up.

The main things that bugged me were lighting and the the wierd border that smacked of photoshop a little too much. So I've gone in and played around, hopefully it's more dramatic and exciting now, and just works better as a pinup. Glad I went back to it! I've put up a comparison so you can play spot the diference! Have fun!

Actually...wowzas, I just checked and I posted the original almost a year ago! Time Flies eh!


Omara said...

Amazing poster!

I was addicted to this game back in 2002 when I played it for the first time. Almost ten years later, I still love the game and play it frequently. It's just an amazingly fun game!

Wonderful job on the poster, once again!

- Omara

Matteo said...

Man, I love JSR and your poster reminded me of those many hours I spent on it, even to just stare at those gorgeous graphics.

Awesome job.