Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Harpie Sketchin'


Got out to another Life Drawing session at the pub on Sunday evening, and it was another fantastic night of lager, ladies and Caligraphy pens! I didn't use a pencil all night infact, I went straight for it with all of these, and as a result there were certainly a few pages that didn't make it up here! But , that just meant that I had even less time to capture a pose, and generally i find that works with u when using pen - no time to think too much, just go for it. So the above pics range from 3 minutes for the quickest doodles, to probably 15 mins for the longest ones. And the girls really were dressed up with the wings n stuff m, as it was Greek Mythology themed, hence Harpies, medusa and...-well, i may have exagerated the Boars head from the papier mache' prop!

Great night!

Back soon


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