Monday, September 19, 2011

Astro Doodles


I could perhaps maybe be possibly tempted to draw some more Astrofunk :)

Been enjoying scribbling away with some new Caligraphy pens - which I used for all of the below - u get a great fresh line with a real mixture if weight to it, more energy. Obviously it means if you make a mistake u either try to disguise it or start over, but hey that's part of the risk reward with these guys! Then I splashed some quick colour in photoshop to punch a few things out.....

But yeah, I am toying with a new Astrofunk idea, looking at what I would want to would definitely be shorter in page count, and I'd probably start looking at just a real short 5 to 8 page thing and see how that goes. Anyway, it's been fun drawing Bad dude Byakko again, it would be cool to pit him against a huge monster. - Thoughts?

Back in a couple days with more stuff!
- Over and out!


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