Monday, September 12, 2011

The Old Republic


ok, so I bumped into a couple of Stormtroopers today in hmv, somehow managing not to buy the Blu-Ray complete StarWars saga there on the spot....must wait until payday!
Anyway, it made me wanna come home and finish this off, been doing it on and off in the background for a week or two. EA's 'The Old Republic' looks awesome, and the 3 trailers released so far are epic beyond phantom menace proportions ( actually Attack of the Clones is my least favourite but don't get me started on that! ) This guy, Darth Malgus, really lept out in the first trailer as this bad ass Vader esque sith lord, throwing his saber around and generally kickin' ass! So I thought I'd sketch him up in a much more cartoony style than any of the official art you'll see, and get some of that saber action into the pic.
It's not even that late tonight, so I might just go back to photoshop and do something else! ...Just got to figure out what? hmmm...


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