Friday, September 09, 2011

Dragon Quicky


I've been awake for hours today...woke up at 5.00am and could not get back to sleep. Too many ideas going through my head...I've been reading a few more comics recently, and it's been giving me the old itch. So rather than go back to bed this morning I ended up doodling Astrofunk! ( with Countdown on in the background ) . It was a lot of fun, and I've got a few ideas I'm messing around with on what I would do if I draw some more. But that's another story, maybe I'll stick some doodles up here soon.

For now, this is a quick digital painting practice - spotted a cool picture of a piranha online, and it was the basis for a dragon creature inspired by aquatic creatures. I like the idea of painting up a full body shot of this dude, maybe eating a Shark to show how massive he is, but this head study took maybe 1 hour or so, around that. I've been looking at creature design a little more recently, so will have some similar stuff up here again shortly.

Have a good weekend all!


Vencys_lao said...

Great Colors Mistah!!

One day i`ll print like you! AWESOME! XD

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