Monday, February 06, 2012

At last we will have Revenge...

Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic!  
The poster for the new 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace is 
a disappointing photo montage that doesn't come close to the 
quality of the Struzan original release, and leaves fans everywhere 
feeling like a Tortured Gonk Droid.  But some artists take this as a 
challenge  - to face up to the evil photo poster empire and
rebel with their own doodles.....

ok enough from me.  I doodled this a month or so ago after seeing 
the weak poster for the 3D re-release.  So I sketched up this composition,
looking to emphasise the 3D feeling with the lightsabers, and focus more on integral characters and situations...I love the idea of Qui Gonn and Anakin in Silhouette by the light of the Slave Houses, ships actually coming out at ya...but I doubt I'll get the time to properly work this up.  We'll see....

..maybe once I've taken my son to see the movie ( can't wait ) then I'll be juiced up to
draw this.

Anyway, here's the original amazing Struzan and the new one.  oh man.

Colouring in the Batman Pin-up right now too, but it's..time consuming!  Back to it!

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