Saturday, May 03, 2014

I'm back , ready for Round 2!  God I've missed u all  :)

Sorry folks, this post has been a long time coming.  So what have I been up to?

These days I'm Freelance,  which has been pretty cool so far, working with a variety of talented people on lots of diferent projects.  Some of these I can't share with u on here quite as of yet ( classified Top Gun style ) but some of them I'll put up in the next month or so as I try and actually get back to blogging regularly!

But I'll ease you in for now with some Astrofunk work....I don't really think I'll do another one, but for a little while recently I was looking at re-designing some of the characters, basically doing things...betterer.  So I've got a different take onthe story which would be fun to do, but not sure if I'll ever do it.  I've got two other comic ideas I'd love to at least get past scribble stage, so will focus on those for now.  

Anyways, here's some of what I was toying with on Astrofunk Zero as I called it ( only slightly catchier than Astrofunk:Redemption Legends Turbo X )  For your eyes only.  Coz I'll probably never make it !  :)

I will be back in the next couple of days, I promise Internet!

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