Monday, May 05, 2014


May the 4th be with you!

I've been celebrating it mostly this evening, sitting drawing and listening to John Williams.  Oh, and a little Kevin Kiner, he had some great moments on Clone Wars.  Anyways, cannot wait for Rebels,  if u haven't seen the new trailer already then go check it out now!  It's gonna keep me ticking over until episode 7 I fully expect to be drawing Luke Skywalker in his new costume in a years time for the next StarWars day. How awesome is that gonna be....I mean, when I think about how exciting the build up was for Phantom Menace...the Vanity Fair issue with the fantastic photoshoot, the first teaser, the midnight launch of the go through all that again, but with kids, it's gonna be amazing.  Geeking out already.'s my StarWars day pic of Kanan,  and also a pic I worked up recently for my tumblr, but neglected the old blog here. I do apologise.

Until next time...Fly Casual!

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