Monday, July 28, 2014

Howdy folks

Here's a piece based on a bunch of new characters I've been doodling recently....I got the chance to sit and scribble some comic ideas, and it seems like they mostly centered around skateboarding rollerblading colourful characters, so I decided to paint these guys up. Whether I get the chance to do any actual comic pages - well hopefully 2 or 3 at least - maybe that's a good way to do it, aim ..low  :)

I guess it's partly my own way of trying to create something similar to a jet set radio i loved that game....the closest at the moment game wise looks like the wicked 'Sunset Overdrive', looking forwards to that.

Found the original sketch, which is actually a little older, some of them have changed but not that much....

Now this is out the door I've got a fantasy character that will be up in a couple days, then it's onto some Gumroad tutorials, do some environment practice, which I shall present to you lovely people soon...ish!


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