Monday, September 04, 2006

Yo! I'm Back! blog went a bit crazy there for a couple of days, and wasn't working at all, so I'm sorry if anybody was tryin to have a peek at my stuff but got jibberish or nowt. Should be back to normal now, plus i altered settings so anyone can leave comments, not just other bloggers, so let the insults commence! :)

Big thanks to Tim Holleyman and Ross Dearsley for helping me sort the blog problem crap, they both have excellent blogs which you should check out via the links on the right. Cheers!


Agnes Fouquart said...

^^ how are you? comment va l'angleterre? wao! what a nice blog! amazing, continue like that guy, hope to see you sweariing a kilt in paris one day^^lool
adn let me a messaeg please..and the Annes blog, and all the concept atr blogs in fact^^

Anonymous said...

Yo Ross-A-Burt!!
Great work- ass always
See you in the 'Dee this weekend?