Thursday, August 31, 2006

Warning! Explicit material within! naughty word ahoy! Look away kiddies, lest u go blind. ...ok, you were warned....i promised zombie squirrels....and ..well, their almost here....but what i do have is the poster for the zombie squirrel comic i've been working on - 'NUTZ'. It was gonna be 5 pages but over the course of the train journey became 8 or 9. We'll see. Anyways, gotta pretty much all the pages figured out, couple of tweaks here and there then i'll rough them all out on post-it-notes and blow them up to near a4 for cleanup. In the meantime you have my scribble fest which is somehow gonna become this comic, man i love drawin squirrels :)

Hope u enjoy the poster! That's it for this week probably, have a good weekend folks!


Anonymous said...

Holy shit there is a game concept in there and a spin off tv series, squirrel foxes zombaloids - im off to work up the concept now and pitch it! (prolly to nic ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome poster ross! :)