Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Aaah sunday afternoons.....man they suck, so what better way to get thru them than by hitting the british museum and sketching it up. I'd never been before so was pleased by 1. - the fact that it's across the road from gosh comics 2. - the hot dog vendour at the gates ( oh yeah ) and 3. - it's a really cool building, especially the main central room.
So sat there for afew hours, and got some not bad sketching , even whilst surrounded by a family of very enthusiastic chinese tourists. If your reading this , hi, and keep drawing, draw draw draw!!! :)

Anyways...loads of interesting things in there that could inspire countless weird characters, i hardly scratched the surface...i think the drawing are ok but not as good as previous museum bunch...think the fact that pens were running out left right and centre is what i'm gonna use as an excuse :)

Don't worry this weekend i won't be in any more museums, so it might be sumthing diferent next week ...will be in edinburgh, so could maybe pull out the sketchpad there, but not making an promises :)

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