Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MAN, what a sandwich! Chorizo, chicken, swiss
cheese, pickle, tomato,, anyways, its lunchtime and i thought as i munch away i might post up some of the random tat that i scribbled whilst my ass went numb on the train to the capital of my homeland, Edinburgh! I might work up a couple of the strangethings on these pages, although the drawings seemed to drift into Pants territory quite alot, so if u dont like y-fronts then don't click on those thumbnails! :)

However, if like me u think pants rock, click away amigo!

I would just like to add, i did try to draw actually in edinburgh, but quel supris - it started to rain just as i was in the middle of sketching a couple of buskers on rose street, ...dang. Not gonna bother posting a soggy half sketch up here :)

coming next.....the rest of the train journey sketches....including....ZOOOMBIE SQUIRRELSSS!

u know u want it :)

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Anonymous said...

You're sketches are amazing! You've got a rivetting talent. Good luck with it.