Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ok...eh....well, on the train into lundinium on sunday ( which is a boooring hour long from chertsey ) i started to draw....started with me remembering the long armed monkey from the museum a week or two ago, and morphed into this strange guy who is all about the lovin. I like the sketch so thought i'd give it a quick half hour photoshop job, nuthin much, just somthing fun to do after a pretty tiring day at work. My eyes were practically half closed doin this, so may look at it tomorrow and think 'what the heck! ' :)


Chris Brincat said...


if that was a print i'd buy it...i'd see about making a few and try making a quick buck.

let me know when you do one in green

Ross Burt said...

WOWZAS, kind words my amigo, thanks

and update your blog already! i'm sick of looking at your bowlcut already :)

Chris Brincat said...

yeah i suck...will try and knock out some sketches this weekend.

should try sketching on the train...would certainly make the journey go quicker.

Jedulous said...

DUDE! i love the monkey anatomy sketch. this is great stuff! I dig your happenin' style too. lots of rythm and attitude. very nice!

keep in touch!