Friday, February 01, 2008

oLD and nEW

howdy dooody! I'm just putting the very very finally final last touches to astrofunk issue 1....and the biggest of these tweaks was basically re-drawing the first page...after looking at it i realised it needed some re-work, and ended up basically re-making the, after posting this page originally over a year ago on the blog, I thought I'd post both versions - spot the diference! :)

As for printing this badboy....should be sending off this issue to get a proof copy this weekend...although getting that back will take a month or so, so it's probably gonna be an April launch for the funk....good times ahoy!!!

thanks to everyone who voted for my GiantBoy tshirt....the voting ends in a few hours, so I'll find out whether it's getting printed or not very a couple more tshirt designs in the pipeline, they'll be up here next week....

Stay Classy!!

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