Tuesday, February 19, 2008



heheheh ....man i am excited today! For the first time ever i held in my hands a copy of Astrofunk issue 1! Now ok, it's only a proof copy...but jeezo it felt good. After looking at each page so many times whilst working on it, and then checkin print-outs on a4, i was kinda getting sick of the sight of it, so really didnt expect to be so thrilled to see it in comic book format...what a diference it makes, and it's made all the hard work over the past year or so completely worth it. So now i'm gonna go tweak the tweaks, submit the final...and print this bad boy off so u can all share in my excitement!! oh, and as u can see form the pics, even my son loved it!! - suitable for all ages :)

Issue 2 is also going well, got the cover roughed out and am really pleased with it...might stick it up here soon, it's a wraparound and features a couple of baddie flavored characters, so that's been fun. See ya soon!


Gordon Brown said...

Outstanding! Can't wait to see the final print. Awesome commitment dude.

R A B said...

sorry if anyone clicked on the above links before i gots to delete them, looks like i was getting spammed virus stylee

Vencys_lao said...

Hey Buddy!!!

Woooo.. This is coolll!!!


Send me one issue hauahauhauahua
See ya!

Ross Dearsley said...

Awesome Ross - Congratulations, looks fantastic!

I love the page breakdown post-its for issue 2 in that frame - I can imagine it in a future RB exhibition ;¬)

Elliot looks like he's thinking "I don't know what they're saying.. but I LIKE IT!"

See you soon.