Friday, February 15, 2008



so first up, voting finished for monkey tshirts....and it got an average of 2! which is..ok, better than last time at least! Plus it got a lot of good comments, so I'm hoping it maybe gets chosen for print, but guess I'll have to wait and see. Will keep u all posted.

Next up - Astrofunk round 2....the board in the first pic is really helping me plough through the second issue right now, i have a post it note up for every page and just peel one off, draw the page layout, and put it back! So currently i have about 16 of the 26 pages thumbnailed, although i think it will become 28 pages for this issue, with everything i have to squeeze in. But I'm finding it really useful to get an overview of the issue, and compare page layouts and pacing. So it's going well, gonna take the pages to the next level very soon, so it hopefully won't be long before the first finished pages from issue 2 are up here!! woot!

Second pic is of pretty much my favourite game ever - Jet Set Radio Future. I'm going through it again at the moment now that it's playable on the 360, and loving it...just awesome. Plus i went into the graffiti editor and scribbled a couple of mediocre astrofunk tags, so it's fun and wierd to see them in the game.

Oh - news just in - looks like I will be at the Bristol comic convention in May...selling astrofunk...even though i don't have it properly printed yet :) better get movin!!!! Hope to see u there!!!

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