Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Gang Boss

  So back in the days not so long ago when I was thinking of doing some more Astrofunk,  this guy was potentially some kind of Rival Gang leader that would give Sol a few problems.  I'm a bit busy to be drawing the actual comic strip itself right now,  but I wanted to explore more digital painting processes, so this guy is unusual for me in that there's no pencil used in the process anywhere.  I imagine this guy to be some kind of street graffiti punk that maybe follows Sol into space, but ends up getting all kitted up in this crazy armour to kick Sols ass.  But that might never happen :)  

Was scribbling fuzzball last night, will post some in a couple of days,  great fun.




Gillibean said...

Wow really cool sihouettes. I love pages of silhouettes! Lovely! =D

Vencys_lao said...


I don't find words in english to describle what i'm think abou your silhouettes.

Está Foda pra caramba!!!!

I saw on the top of illustration it says "AF Zero"! You will tell the origin of everything?? That awesome brotha! Really FODA pra caramba!!! :D

That's way!!

embedded design said...

i dont have any word about ur character....