Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting around to pushing forwards with the other 2 pin-ups in my Alien Trilogy lineup ( forget's ok but....well maybe ....lets just see if I get 3 done first )  .....anyway, finally got a composition I'm pretty happy with for this pin-up based on my favourite of the saga, the original masterpiece A L I E N.  The main idea that was always part of the design was using the reflective Alien skull to depict Ripley in her cryo sleep pod....I thought that worked really well,  it was just figuring out the stuff around that.  In the end what I've focussed on is the horror side of things - the chest burster scene is one of the most iconic moments not just in this movie but in cinematic history, so it seems only right that it splatters across the design.  I also like the way the blood can maybe look kinda face-hugger esque, might need to tweak that on the final version to get it reading right, but it's got potential. So I'm gonna be working this up over the next month, stay tuned for the final piece. 
I've also started sketching on the alien3 pin-up  - it's awesome fun drawing a cartoony bald Ripley, but I need to figure out some stronger composition ideas and hooks,  so maybe I'll stick on the Blu-Ray version for the first time ( just picked up the Anthology recently, nice ) , which should give me some ideas.  

And yeah, that finished Zombie Strong is almost done.  
Almost  :)

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