Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Howdy - back again with some quick thumbnail sketches.  Good to get stuck into some more environment painting, so this is stage 1.  Gonna take a couple of this and develop into a more finished concept.  Good fun doodling these little things....not sure which are jumping out at me xfactor style to make it into the next round....the shantytown towers with the snake creatures wrapped around them are probably high on the list...I do like the weirdnes of the onyx spike thing protruding from the crack in the earth......we'll see!  Vote in the comments!  :) 

..i really should've numbered these.  screw it, I'll go update the concept now, and u won't even know the diference, cozI'll switch the picture before I post it!  haha!  I don't even know why I'm telling u this!  

Zombie concept is almost done, back real soon with that


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